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The Oldest American Children’s Book Still in Print is About Cats

At its core, “Millions of Cats” is a fable about the folly of vanity and the value of uniqueness.

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Cat behavior

Four kittens eating dried food that is on the concrete.

Kittens Are Able to Figure Out Which Plate Has More Food

From a young age, domestic cats naturally know how to judge and pick between different amounts of cat food.

A black cat and grey tabby lying next to each other.

If Cats are Independent, Why Do They Form Bonds?

Despite their independent reputation, cats do form close bonds with humans and other cats.

The head of a black cat lying on a sherpa cat bed on a dark wooden table with her tongue sticking out.

Why Do Cats Sleep With Their Tongues Out?

Snooze time is when some cats blep. Deep sleep can cause your cat’s jaw to relax, allowing their tongue to stick out.

wild cats

A mountain lion walking on rocks.

Which Wild Cats Meow?

Wild cats can either roar or meow and purr.

A small wild cat with rusty colored dots on its back and tabby forehead markings.

The Smallest Wild Cat in Asia

The rusty-spotted cat is one of the smallest wild cats in the world.