Cats Underwhelmed by Dogs

Underwhelm is a verb meaning to “to fail to impress or stimulate.”  A relatively recent entry into the lexicon, underwhelm originated around the mid 20th century.  

Underwhelm, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, has its earliest written example in Giant Corporations (1956), by T. K. Quinn who wrote about rising prices, ” “I was underwhelmed, and investigated.”  

In contrast, overwhelm, meaning in modern terms to “defeat completely,” has been in use since the 1300s.

Most cat owners understand that felines are pretty finicky creatures and impressing them can be a challenge.  That challenge doesn’t stop these dogs from trying to play with these less than impressed cats.  

Despite their best efforts at prancing, howling, and licking their feline friends, these dogs underwhelm these bored cats.  This montage shows dog after dog underwhelming cat after cat.

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