Cats Wish for Outdoor Walks to Abate

These cats wish their owners would abate with the practice of trying to take them outside for a walk!

The word ‘abate’ is a verb, meaning to lessen in amount or intensity. The word comes from Latin origins and moved into the French abatre before making its introduction into the English language in the Middle English period. Synonyms of abate include to subside, to die down or to die away, to lessen, ease off, decrease, diminish, and remit. The opposite, or antonym of abate is to intensify.

Cats are certainly not known for their approval of authority- cats have the reputation of being self-oriented and entirely looking out for their own comfort. Some cats are well used to being outside, whether they live on farms or in fenced in areas in the suburbs. Other cats that live in apartments or difficult areas may not have the freedom or ability to roam outside, and therefore are relegated back to the indoors.

Some of these cats may have wished to remain inside, but their owners had different ideas!

These felines were leashed and taken out to explore the big, green world outside their front doors, all under the helpful watch of their dear owners.

Some of them were curious, as cats often are, but others wish their owners would abate their outside walking dreams and take them back into their cozy cat beds in their warm homes. A sunbeam blazing in through a window is as close to the outdoors as some of these kitties wish to be!

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