Cozy Mystery Books With Cats

Listed here is a growing list of cozy mysteries books featuring cats that I have personally read and enjoyed.

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Chapter and Curse

This brand new cozy mystery series by Elizabeth Penney doesn’t seem to have a name yet. The first book in the series, Chapter and Curse, introduces the central character Molly Kimball. Molly has arrived in Cambridge, England with her mother from Vermont to pursue a new life helping her great aunt manage the bookstore that has been in her family for centuries.

On the night of the murder of one of her aunt’s longtime friends, Molly rescues a male black cat that she names Puck, inspired by the line in Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream, “I am a merry wanderer of the night.” Molly, along with her mother, great aunt, and her great aunt’s friends set out to clear her great aunt’s name and figure out who the murderer is.

An orange tabby inspecting a book on a sofa.
Chapter and Curse is the first book in a new series by Elizabeth Penney.

Cat in the Stacks Mystery

Mild-mannered Charlie Harris and his sidekick, a rescued Maine Coon cat named Diesel set out to solve multiple murder mysteries in this long-running series my Miranda James called Cat in the Stacks. So far, 14 books in the series have been published.

Charlie is a semi-retired librarian living in Athena, Mississippi. He finds Diesel as a kitten in a parking lot and names the cat after his very loud, engine-like purring. Each book features Charlie front and center in the investigation after each murder is discovered.

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