Facile Activity Proves Difficult for Cat

The word facile means to ignore the true complexities of an issue, but can also mean to take a superficial view of a person or activity. Facile can additionally mean to find success easily.

To take a facile approach to something could mean to have a superficial or simplistic way of going about things.`

The word facile is an adjective and appeared in the late 15th century. The word has its origins in the Latin facere (to do or make) or facilis, meaning easy.

The word later appeared in French translated to ‘easily accomplished.’ The word has fallen into relative disuse in recent years but held strong in the mid-19th and 20th centuries.

The cat in the video approached his leap to another part of the house in a facile manner. The cat seems to think that he can make the leap quite easily- maybe he’s done it before and succeeded that time.

However, the cat finds this facile activity not so easy this time around. The cat ignored the complexities of the distance he needed to jump in order to make it to his destination- perhaps the cat also failed to take into consideration potential factors that would make his jump improbable.

Maybe the cat misjudged the distance or relied on one of his nine lives to get him from Point A to Point B. Maybe the ledge was a bit wet and the cat couldn’t adjust for extra weather conditions.

Whatever the issues were, the cat took a facile approach to a facile activity and found it more difficult than he previously imagined. Maybe next time the cat will think a bit more in-depth about where he’s going and how he can get there the easiest and safest way possible!

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