Funny Fish Flabbergasted by Science

To be flabbergasted is to be in a state of true astonishment; someone is flabbergasted when they have been taken by surprise with a new situation or bit of information. Synonyms of the word flabbergasted include to shock, astonish, to take aback, to amaze, startle, or surprise.

The origins of the adjective flabbergasted are relatively unknown. The word came into the English vocabulary as early as the 1800s and has risen in popularity in the centuries since. The word, according to some, comes from the words flabber and aghast.

Others contend that it is a dialectical word coming from the Suffolk region of England, or from the word flabrigast from the area of Perthshire. While the origins of this entertaining word remain fuzzy to wordsmiths, no one was more flabbergasted than this little fish to behold the miracles of science.

This flabbergasted fish has its own peculiar way of showing its shock and surprise at the sight of an underwater researcher. This fish seems to be very curious about what this scuba diving scientist was doing in its waters. The fish floated near the scientist for a few minutes before swimming away, entirely flabbergasted by the sight of a man in a scuba suit, taking readings and measurements of the ocean around him.

To be flabbergasted is to be in a state of wonder at something new, something novel, something exciting. That new, novel, exciting thing may be a scientist experimenting in your watery home or a new book’s plot twist, a colorful new fish spotted out of the corner of your scuba mask or hearing unexpected  news from a friend. Being flabbergasted can mean becoming speechless for a moment to absorb what you’ve just heard or seen, or it can mean exclaiming in surprise.

The flabbergasted fish makes its home in the shallows of the ocean, darting between coral reefs and seaweed, kelp and barnacles. Other fish are bigger and smaller than the flabbergasted fish, and yet for one moment the underwater world was enthralled with one scuba diving scientist. What other things has the fish been flabbergasted by recently?


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