Furtive Cat Doesn’t Appreciate Being Caught

Furtive is an adjective that means to move quietly and sneakily, usually while doing something others may not appreciate. The word “Furtive” comes from the Latin word Furtum, which means “Theft.”

The term made its way into the English language during the 17th century, from the French word Furtif. In a sense, the word “Furtive” means “Acting like a thief,” or being sneaky and secretive.

Someone being furtive isn’t always doing something bad. For example, if you were planning a surprise party, you may act furtively so that the guest of honor doesn’t catch on. Furtiveness is about not getting caught; that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing something wrong.

When someone is furtive, they act quietly, move quietly, and try not to get noticed. Ironically, acting furtively can make people more likely to suspect you’re up to something.

This little Russian cat is being very furtive, sneaking into a room where she knows her treats and toys are kept. Cats are natural hunters, which is why they are so good at being sneaky. But for a house cat, their prey isn’t always an animal.

In this video, we see what a furtive animal looks like. With her ears back and moving quietly, forces her front paws into a small gap in a sliding drawer. The cat knows that this is where her treats and her toys are kept and, being clever, slowly pulls open the drawer with her paws and her mouth.

The cat reaches in, fishes around for a bit and, instead of pulling out a treat, pulls out a small pink tutu! Whether or not this is what the cat was after, we’ll probably never know, but the cat is happy all the same. She starts chewing on it to celebrate her victory when she finally notices she’s being filmed!

Like anyone that is being furtive, the little Scottish fold cat did not want to be caught. But instead of running away, the cat looks right at the camera and, without looking away, pushes the door shut with one paw. Not only is it adorable, it shows that the cat knew it was doing something it shouldn’t have. Because, like anyone being furtive, they know that if they get caught, there’s going to be trouble.


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