Gaminesque Dolphins Put on a Show for Boaters

Gaminesque is an adjective that means playful and impish. Anyone who has had pets knows that animals can be incredibly playful and impish. Their personalities are as varied as humans are, and animals’ gaminesque nature can be a humorous relief in a world growing increasingly all too serious. From dogs to fish, racoons to goats, animals of all kinds demonstrate a gaminesque nature.

Dolphins are one such animal species that are known for being incredibly playful. Dolphins live in a pod, or a group of dolphins, and are incredibly social creatures. They have relationships with one another that are very strong. Each dolphin has their own specific whistle that identifies them from other dolphins, and they will respond to that whistle for their entire lives.

Dolphins in the wild are known to play with one another and objects they find in the ocean. Dolphins will play with seashells or rocks, in addition to jumping out of the water and spinning in the air. Some dolphins can blow bubbles underwater. These marine creatures are very gaminesque and are easily trained to do tricks with one another and the humans around them.

Dolphins in the wild and in captivity display different gaminesque traits. They may play with each other or with themselves, under the water or above it. Whether they are spinning or blowing bubbles, collecting shells or communicating with one another, dolphins are playful and impish creatures that are incredibly fun to watch and interact with. In this video, gaminesque dolphins jump through the waves created by a speedboat, amusing the passengers onboard.

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