Limpid Kitten

Limpid is an adjective with two meanings.  The first is “marked by transparency” or “clear and simple in style”.  It’s the second meaning of “absolutely serene and untroubled” that brings the word limpid to mind with this heart melting video of a kitten getting a back massage from its buddy.

In the video, a kitten has propped itself up against the edge of the litterbox (not exactly the most aromatic place to perch) while its mate kneads the kitten’s back.  The look on the kitten’s face is pre bliss.  I have to admit, the limpid moment is contagious as I felt quite serene myself watching the video.

The word limpid originates from the Latin limpidus which in term may have descended from the Latin word lympha, meaning “water”.  The earliest usage of limpid  in the English language is from the early 1600s.


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