Starfish Attempts to Blag This Fish’s Cave

Blag is a verb that means to “obtain or achieve by persuasive talk or plausible deception.”  Blag in this form and usage originates from the 1930s although definitions of the word have been around since the 1880s.  The word can be used as a noun to describe the deception or as a verb.

This starfish is certainly attempt to blag its way into a new home.  A visitor to the Scripps Aquarium in San Diego captured this scene between a fish and a starfish.  

The fish is busy scooping sand with its mouth to create a new home.  Back and forth the fish goes, excavating piles of sand from underneath a rock.  Ever so slowly, a starfish stealthily creeps forward towards the prized caved.  

At first the fish seems to be oblivious to the encroaching starfish. After one trip back from digging sand, the fish dumps its load right next to the starfish before returning to its work after a brief rest.  After a few more trips and the continue march of the starfish towards the newly dug cave, the fish finally decides enough is enough.  The fish picks the starfish up and ferries it off to a location a few feet away from the cave before calmly returning to its task.

 Problem solved.


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