The Obdormition of Cats Animals is Adorable

Have you ever experienced a time when you just couldn’t keep your eyes open?  The feeling of drowsiness can be powerful and sometimes, you just have to fall asleep.  The noun obdormition refers to the state of falling asleep or being asleep.  

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word entered the English lexicon in 1634 [1] and is taken from the Latin obdormīre which means to “fall asleep.”

The cute cats in this video are trying their very hardest not to enter obdormition.  Eyes drifting close, these cats and kittens fail again and again as they try and fail to stay awake.

All eventually succumb to sleep.

Watch the video:


Joseph Hall · The contemplations upon the history of the New Testament, now complete. The second tome [of The works of Joseph Hall]. Together with divers treatises · 1634. The crucifixion, pp 417: “…and a peaceable obdormition in thy bed of ease and honour, and an instant entrance into rest…”


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