These Dachshunds Attempt to be Chthonic

Chthonic is a word that relates to things that occur in the underground realm. This could mean things that literally occur underground, like the work of earthworms, or what metaphorically happens underground. Chthonic can mean related to the underworld and its workings as well as literally the earth beneath our feet.

Chthonic isn’t a commonly used word in this day and age but it does come from surprisingly normal origins. The word chthonic comes from the Greek word ‘chthon’ which means ‘earth.’ In the Greek language it was most commonly used to describe the beings that lived in the underworld, such as the god Hades, and was very much a part of the Greek mythos. Hades and Persephone, the two most common gods associated with the underworld, would be known as chthonic deities.

The word chthonic is an adjective and was used apart from its Greek origins to describe people or situations that could be thought of as underworldly. Chthonic was most commonly used in the late 1880s and has fallen into relative disuse in the years since.

These little dogs in the video can’t be thought of as particularly chthonic themselves (they are just too cute!), but they do seem to be quite concerned with what is happening beneath their paws. These dogs are searching for chthonic realms in their own backyard, proving that you don’t have to run too far from home to have an adventure.

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