These Deracinated Animals Became the Most Unlikely Friends

The word ‘deracinate’ is a verb that means to uproot someone or something from their natural geographic, social, or cultural environment. This may be the case for families with children who move about frequently, who aren’t able to grow communities around them before they leave for a new location. Some individuals purposefully uproot themselves from their natural environments, choosing to live or travel to places they aren’t familiar with.

The etymology of the word deracinate comes from the Franch deraciner, which expresses the idea of removal. This word was introduced in the English language in the late 16th century and has grown and fallen in popularity since then.

An example of the word deracinate comes in the form of a lion, tiger, and a bear that were taken from their homes and raised in captivity together. These animals were Leo the lion, Baloo the bear, and Shere Khan the tiger. These three animals were deracinated as young animals and taken into captivity, where they bonded together. They were rescued from their harmful environment and taken to Noah’s Ark Animal Shelter in Georgia where they now live. Although these three animals would never have lived near each other in the world, nor would Georgia have been their natural habitat, they have managed to survive despite a tumultuous existence and remain the best of friends over 15 years later.

Although deracination can be terribly tough on a person or on an animal, nature finds a way to continue surviving despite all odds.

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