This Cat’s Emollient Touch Puts Crying Baby to Sleep

Emollient is both an adjective and a noun, both meaning to be soothing or softening.  The word came into use in the English language in 1643 and evolved from the Latin emollire  meaning to soften.

Now, parents with infants know all too well how hard it can be sometimes to get their babies to fall asleep.  Parents have tried all sorts of emollients from lullabies to rocking in order to lull their babies to sleep.  

Enter the baby whisperer.  

In this video, a very red faced and upset infant is crying and fussing. Next to him a cat is calmly sitting.  Much like a mother might press the palm of her hand gently on an infants chest to sooth, the emollient cat patiently pats the infant’s head over and over.  

As the baby settles into a fitful sleep, the cat continues to rest its paw on the baby’s head as if to make sure the baby enters a more restful slumber.  Only once the cat is assured that the baby is finally into a deep sleep, does it remove the paw from the baby’s forehead.

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