This Frowzy Dog Loves to Frolic in the Mud

Frowzy is an adjective that means to “have a dirty, untidy, soiled, neglected appearance” or to be “ill-smelling, fusty, musty.”  The word entered the English language in the mid 1600s.  The origins of the word are unknown although some scholars conjecture it may be a variant of “frowsty” meaning to have an unpleasant odor or smell.  The etymology of that word is also uncertain but may have descended from the Old French word frost which means ruinous, decayed.

We popularly associate pigs as animals that love a good roll in the mud.  In this video, Harley the Chocolate Lab does a good job showing that he can compete with the best of the master mud bathers.

Having found a patch of muddy waters in a dirt road, the dog rolls and splashes to his heart’s content.   The lab becomes complete encased in mud from head to tail.  The frowzy dog shows his delight as he launches himself into the muddy waters again and again, rolling back and forth, tail wagging.  I can only hope Harley enjoys getting a bath as much as he loves frolicking in mud.


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