This Herpetic Panther Just Wants to Play

The word herpetic means creeping and comes from Latin origins. Herpetic was originally a cognate of the Latin word for serpent and the Greek word for creeping.

The adjective came into the English language via New Latin and late Middle English, becoming a part of the popular vernacular between 1375-1425.

Herpetic Means Creeping

This black panther can be seen in the video sneaking up on his trainer. The panther’s herpetic or creeping motion was caught on tape, giving audiences and the trainer a good laugh when the panther was caught in the act.

This trainer has many different videos showing the playful nature of the felines he works with including ones featuring lions, tigers, and jaguars.

About the Black Jaguar- White Tiger Foundation

The panther lives at the Black Jaguar- White Tiger Foundation in Mexico, where felines of all kinds are taken in. The Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation currently cares for about 240 large felines including panthers, lions, and jaguars.

Many of these animals were rescued from abusive or illegal situations and have found their forever homes with the Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation. Tigers, leopards, lynxes, pumas, and others were taken from unhealthy situations in circuses, zoos, or illegal breeding operations and now live happily together in the wildlife sanctuary.

Human contact is herpetic to many species of animals; we creep onto their territory, damage their migration and food patterns, and often contribute greatly to their endangerment. Foundations like the Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation help combat this destruction and promote animal conservation around the world.


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