This Kitten and Owl are Improbable Friends

When one thinks of cats and birds, friendship usually doesn’t top the list of attributes for the relationship between the two types of  animals.  While the 1871 nonsense poem,  “The Owl and the Pussycat,” by Edward Lear is still a childhood favorite, the idea of a cat and an owl getting along is usually an improbable one.

Improbable is an adjective that means “not likely to be true or to happen”.  The word evolved in the 16th century from Middle French via Latin from the word improbabilis, meaning  in- ‘not’ and probabilis meaningprobable.  The base word probabilis evolved from the Latin word probare meaning ‘to test, demonstrate’.

This owl and cat have formed an improbable friendship.  From Catalonia Gebra (meaning frost), a barn owl (Tyto Alba) and Fum (meaning smoke), a black domestic shorthair cat show how they play and groom each other in this fun video. 

These two friends love to play on the ground and in the trees, batting and hopping around each other.  While Gebra was trained in falconry, she avoid contacts with humans but enjoys visiting with Fum on occasion.


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