This Sleeping Cat Nearly Falls into the Ruelle

A ruelle is defined as the  space between a bed and the wall and also by association, the side of a bed that is next to the wall.  The archaic noun evolved into this definition in the early 1400s and is borrowed from Middle French from the diminutive of rue (meaning street).  In Middle French, ruelle means alley.

This cat is peacefully sleeping at first, the only movements coming from its mouth twitching in concert with whatever dreams the cat seems to be having.  

At one point, the cat slowly opens one eye to see who is filming it.  After a few moments, the cat decides a stretch is in order.  Unfortunately, the stretching causes the cat to lose its balance and it starts to slide off the bed into the ruelle.  

A quick grabbing of the bed cover with its claws saves the cat from a complete fall and the only damage is to the cat’s sense of dignity as it rights itself.

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