Harlequin cats

Coat pattern

Harlequins are cats whose coat is mostly white with random patches of color.

The term "harlequin" is borrowed from a character that was introduced in 16th century Italian Commedia dell'arte, who was known for his checkered costume.

The white on a harlequin cat should cover between 50 - 75% of the body.

Color patches on a harlequin cat are randomly distributed on the body and face and the tail is the same color or pattern as the body patches.

bicolor harlequin cats

Harlequin cats can be bicolor: white with a second color or tabby fur pattern for the patches.

tricolor harlequin cats

Harlequins can also be tricolor. Tricolor cats will have the calico patches (typically red and black) colors found together. 

Hairless breeds like the Sphynx cat can also have a harlequin coat pattern