Why cats go bald above their eyes

As cats age, you may notice the fur above their eyes becomes sparse.

facial alopecia

This thinning of the fur above the eyes and around the areas is known as preauricular alopecia or facial alopecia.


Facial alopecia starts to appear in the area between a cat's ears and eyes when they are between 14 to 20 months old.

Facial alopecia happens with all cats but it's harder to see on cats with light fur.

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Facial alopecia is more obvious on black cats because of the contrast between the skin and fur.

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Thnning fur

While thinning of the fur above the ears is usually a normal sign of aging in a cat, sudden or more widespread fur loss can be a sign of a health issue.  So if you're concerned about your cat's fur, consult a vet.

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